MACRO Photography Masterclass

Led by Danny Kaye this masterclass will introduce you to macro photography equipment and techniques. 

Topics covered include, but are not limited to:
Special equipment and lenses
Using reversed lenses as macro lenses
Lighting and the use of the R1C1 macro lights
Microscope objectives as macro lenses
Depth of field stacking both manually and automated using a WeMacro rail

All participants will receive a copy of Danny’s macro photography e-book.

This Masterclass takes place in the beautiful village of Blanzay where there are ample macro photography subjects to be found.

If there are any particular aspects of macro photography that you are interested in, please let us know in advance.

This course has no fixed time limit. Extend your Masterclass from €150 per person per day including any local travel.

Not included: Accommodation, meals and drinks.

Local accommodation from  €85 per night.

Contact us to discuss or arrange dates for this workshop