Digital Photography Masterclass

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This is a relaxed one day masterclass taking place in the beautiful town of Amboise. Topics covered include, but are not limited to:

  • Camera controls.
  • Composition – Tips on, and composition guides.
  • Lenses – Different Lens types and their use.
  • Focus – The different modes of focusing and selecting camera’s point of focus.
  • Manual mode - Take complete control of your camera.
  • ISO – Light sensitivity setting.
  • Aperture (f-stop) – How to set for correct exposure.
  • Shutter Speed – How to set for correct exposure.
  • Metering – The different modes the camera uses for measuring light and when to use them.
  • White balance – Setting correctly for different lighting conditions.
  • Programme modes – The shooting modes such as: Portrait, Night, Macro and Landscape.

€300 per person. Not included: Travel to/from Amboise, lunch or accommodation.

Local accommodation available from €75 per night.

Our Photography Holidays and Workshops do not have set dates. You arrange dates with us that suit you.

Contact us to discuss or arrange dates for this workshop