Panoramas and Joiners

Panoramas are long thin images that show a lot of a landscape or townscape without getting the big empty sky and possibly boring foreground that are common with wide angle lenses. The images that follow are from Angles sur l' Anglin in France.

So we get  


Instead of


Great, we have a different format with possibly more interesting content but we have just thrown away a large amount, more than half in fact, of the data from our expensive sensor. Lower resolution and generally lower quality. In fact, for this reason, I rarely crop my images and try to frame them in the camera so they do not need cropping, although I am prepared to if an image really needs it.

Joiners are a way round. this instead of one image we take several and join them together. Giving a wide format but with more pixels, so more detail, better looking prints and an interesting, different format.

Take these three images, for example

When we join them together we use a program to choose the best bits and to match the three together. In this case we get a distorted image rather than a square one because the first of the three is closer to the camera than the other two, this looks like this


We can accept this and print it as is, or simply add a background making a, hopefully, interesting composition

Or crop this image giving a more conventional look


Joiners can be used to build large, high resolution images of landscapes or tall buildings or even to give little world projections or 360° images. It is possible to avoid the strange shape and to get a joiner with virtually no distortion by using a panoramic head and specialist software.

Post by Danny

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