Black & White Film Photography

This two day masterclass is led by Danny Kaye and will introduce you to developing film and the use of film cameras. 

Topics covered include, but are not limited to:
Film cameras and their use
Choice of film and film speed
Choice of chemicals and Film development
Film scanning and processing of scanned images.

Several film cameras are available for you to use including 35mm and 120 film. Makes include Nikon, Olympus, Minolta, Minox, Voigtlander and Mamiya.

This Masterclass takes place in the beautiful village of Blanzay where there are ample opportunities to photograph everyday life in a small French village and the surrounding towns.

In order to shoot, develop, scan and print your first film we recommend two days, minimum. Extend your Masterclass for €150 per day.

From €300 for two days including local travel and entrance fees. Not included: Accommodation, meals and drinks.

Local accommodation from  €85 per night.

Contact us to discuss or arrange dates for this workshop